LED Light Show at KNACKA Controlled by Twitter Hashtags and the Raspberry Pi

Jumpwire Video created a 250 LED light installation in the KNACKA store that sets off a light show anytime someone includes #KNACKA in a post to Twitter. Check out the video below.

via Jumpwire Video

Jumpwire video shares a space with the retail outlet of KNACKA. We were looking for a way to promote the KNACKA brand on social media as well as show off the capabilities of Jumpwire. Simply sending a tweet with the Hashtag #KNACKA will cause RGB LEDs installed throughout the store displays to go through a series of patterns.

The installation consists of 250 WS2801 RGB LEDS, a Raspberry Pi, and a Raspberry Pi WS2801 Bridge Kit from @wizard and hackerspaceshop.com.

The Raspberry Pi makes use of the Linux Occidentalis Distro as well as the Tweepy Python library.

When the slatwall displays were being constructed for the KNACKA shop the wooden slats were spaced using the RGB LEDS so that they would fit perfectly with no fasteners required.

The KNACKA shop is also a manufacturing space. KNACKA creates messenger bags, backpacks, laptop cases, bandanas, T-Shirts and much more from Industrial Hemp.

The space also serves as the video editing studio for Jumpwire Video. Visitors will see examples of retail displays that include projection mapping, multi-screen displays, and informational kiosks controlled by RFID tags. Stop in for a visit to see many examples of of how media, electronics, and manufacturing can be combined for a truely unique retail display.