KNACKA is based in Portland, Oregon and is the creative entity of designer, photographer and artist Wonder Knack. Except for assembly of the t-shirts, all of our products are designed, sewn and screen printed in-house. The KNACKA brand is rooted in the desire to create beautifully crafted, premium quality, rugged, technical gear made from industrial hemp.

Be it rock, road, trail or air, KNACKA gear is built for the movements and rigors of your life. When you step out the door into the world, your KNACKA gear becomes home base and it is up to the challenge daily. This is the gear that you experience life and create memories with.

For thousands of years industrial hemp has been critical to the survival, success and evolution of humans worldwide. Utilizing industrial hemp’s potential today will be key to moving forward sustainably and successfully in the future. Our aim at KNACKA is to create premium quality hemp products that will once again interweave one’s daily life with the rich and rugged history that this amazing sustainable resource

Wonder Knack is a renowned photographer and graphic designer. Much of her work in the last 15 years has been focused on music photography and documentation, album packaging, art direction and artist branding campaigns. She has worked with Grammy Award winning artists Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley and Sly & Robbie as well as Michael Franti & Spearhead, VP Records, Bob Marley Music Inc., adidas, Nike, Daimler and others. To learn more about Wonder Knack and view an extensive portfolio of her work, check out


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